Mama Moon - Moon Ritual Candle


Moon Ritual Candle. Sandalwood. Smells amazing. Powerful. Cult following. Hand poured in London Lovingly packaged in a special bag + gift box.

  • Sandalwood is magically and spiritually powerful. Its soothing aroma calms the conscious mind before full moon rituals, and promotes higher levels of consciousness, helping with personal growth, spiritual inspiration and manifesting peace. Use this candle to bless your home, or light it on a full moon and make a wish.
  • Soy and mineral wax blend. Burn time approx. 50 hours. 250 grams.
  • The London based creator, Semra, a passionate spiritual warrior, has a 20-year practice in reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals. Her desire was to create ritualistic tools accessible to all, leading to the creation of these magical hand poured candles and potions.

    Infused with positive energy, healing and the manifestation of all things meta-physical through the mystique and magic of a flickering flame. Powerful when used in rituals to awaken the unconscious. All made at her home in London within a protective circle filled with positive energy. Oil blends are infused with crystals.

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