Body Rituals

Plant Make Up - Wild Bathing Flowers


100% Natural Bathing Flowers for Free Spirit….a dream that has come true! A beautiful blend of organically grown flowers to add to your bathing waters. This was created especially to bathe in natures flowers. Discover this absolute pleasure as you drift away, relax and connect with your inner beauty + goddess you truly are. Sprinkle a small amount to freshly drawn bathing water.

  • Plant based - local ingredients - GMO free - all natural - cruelty free - vegan - handmade - compostable - eco friendly.
  • Ethically wild crafted beach roses from USA, certified organic + fair trade chamomile flowers from Egypt, certified organic calendula, certified organic jasmine flowers, ethically wild crafted elderflowers from USA, certified organic lavender flowers, certified organic lavender essential oil + love

    Please note: be careful if there are any allergies to the chamomile family of plants - Asteraceae.

    Best if kept stored out of direct sunlight. 8oz (250ml) glass vial with cork top.
  • You don’t get any cooler than Jes, the creator of Plant Make Up! Jes is a beautiful humble soul and not at all your usual face of success. Jes works tirelessly and is crazy devoted to the plant path and healing. Her hard work shows itself in her products, very complex, sophisticated and well before their time. Jes lives in Honolulu and her artisanal apothecary business has slowly evolved from making organic teas, into a dedicated revival of ancient beauty secrets, creating a massive range of some of the most amazing natural beauty products out there today. Everything is made in small batches by hand with 100% love.