The Starchild Tarot Akashict - Danielle Noel


The very special Starchild Tarot deck. Travelling to distant vistas and worlds of the imagination, The Starchild Tarot is a tribute to the medicine and magic that evolves through self-reflection and meditation. Inspired by sacred symbology, The Akasha, and the fabric of our universe, each card functions as a tiny gateway into new worlds and insights for you to explore.

This final Starchild deck By Danielle Noel represents the culmination of many years of paintings, illustrations, photographs, and design, and offers a unique window into the world of the Tarot.

  • 79 cards including, Major and Minor Arcana + four suits Wands, Crystals (Pentacles) Swords & Cups - 7cm x 12cm cards with borderless graphics - satin-matte finish + antique-style gold matte gilding - a sturdy two-piece box -accompanied by a larger, 169 page version of The Starchild Tarot Guidebook.
  • Danielle Noel is a visual artist and bestselling author and Oracle creator from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Often seen through a surrealist lens, most of her creations are thematically based in ancient lore and mysticism, woven through the magic of a Divine Feminine voice. Danielle’s intuitive work began at a young age, as her own sensitivities awakened her to study various spiritual philosophies and healing arts, with a devotion to art education and energy medicine. Along with her background in painting, film and illustrative design, she merged her passions into one specialised field of visual expression, which has evolved into her own distinct brand and style.

    Danielle’s curiosity and love for creating continues to support and inspire her each day, whether she is designing collages on her computer or painting portraits in oils. Her aim is to support and ignite new experiences for the readers and viewers.

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