Incausa - Pure Palo Santo Incense Bars - Myrrh


Espiritus Del Ande - Pure Palo Santo incense bars, lovingly hand pressed by Artisans in Cusco, Peru. Made with Palo Santo and Wiraqoya, known for cleansing, purification and good fortune. Myrrh is believed to unite the spiritual and physical and aids manifestation.

Box with 6 pressed bars.

  • The Andean indigenous Bursera graveolens tree lives for 40 to 90 years; after death, the wood matures four to ten more years before it falls. Only then it’s consecrated as “Sacred Wood” Palo Santo.
  • Palo Santo, Wiragoya, Myrrh, 100% natural +eco-friendly packaging.
  • Ceremonial ritual practices are at the heart of Incausa. The beautiful souls who created Incausa, work directly with indigenous tribes around the world to find meaningfulness in profit and do so with traditional values and true heart. They help to preserve indigenous hand work, to stay untouched by time and modernity. Ensuring fair trade practices from sourcing to fulfilment. Incausa coordinates the creation of hand harvested Breu resin, Palo Santo, Sage, Chacrona and Jagube incense in South America, accompanied by meditation tools handcrafted in Nepal.
    In-causa [Latin] ‘In the cause of’.

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Type: Incense