Inner Compass - Love Cards by Neel Van Lierop


You are pure love. The beautiful Inner Compass love deck is designed to help you experience love in all its possibilities and to strip away all the armour you have built around your heart. Helping you to give and receive love, all encompassing love that is your heritage as a living, breathing being.

Each of the 49 cards contain many layers of profound wisdom + symbolism to initiate self-guidance, self-reflection and great personal growth. Let your inner compass point the way towards love.

  • Neel is a spiritual motivator and visionary based in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. From early childhood, Neel felt the calling to hold space for others. Through years of searching and self-analysing, Neel moved through many life lessons and fear to discover a deeper understanding of the human nature of life. She believes that change in the world can only start from within. Neel awakened to a care-free life filled with inner peace and gratitude, and she began to share this energy with her surroundings. Her newfound knowledge of self would become the foundation for the 49 life-themes within the Inner Compass deck. She conceptualized Inner Compass cards from a need to create a stylish and efficacious deck for the global community to use daily. As a vessel of universal wisdom, Neel follows her own path and loves guiding people toward regaining their personal power. Inner Compass is her great offering to the world.