Moon Nectar Apothecary - Moonstone Ritual Gem Essence


Ritual Gem Essences are vibrational gem oils. They excrete the vibrational frequency of each stone. Perfect for pulse points before meditation to deeply compliment your practice. Also amazing for massage, all types of rituals, before yoga, using around the house + for a meditative intention bath. This divine smelling essence has hints of jasmine, lavender + camomile, topped with soothing Camphor, subtle but still a strong sweet scent.

  • Moonstone - Feminine stone. Helps calm nerves and transform stress. Protection for travel over water. Helps with menstrual cycle, balancing hormones + enhances kundalini energy. Opens pituitary gland to enhance your intuition and dreamwork.

    Planet: Moon
    Element: Water
    Deity: Gaia, Inanna

    Herbs: Mugwort, Goldenseal, Sage, Chamomile - Tarot: The Chariot - Chakra: Sacral Chakra + Third Eye Black
  • Moonstone Gem Essence, Safflower oil, Apricot Kernel oil, White Pearl Oxide Pigment, & Various Essential oils + Reiki energy.

    Not to be ingested internally or used whilst pregnant.
  • Moon Nectar Apothecary is hand crafted with focused intentions for healing and actualizing optimal physical and spiritual well-being. The beautiful creator Allison Kaylor, based in Portland, Oregon, has a deep understanding of when to plant and collect plants during the different moon cycles and how herbs relate to the planets and zodiac signs, giving the products more meaning and natural magic. Allison includes crystal prescriptions to aid your chosen product and rituals. Everything has natural ingredients from the earth with inspiration from ancient healing practices.