Plant Make Up - White Rose Incense Cones


100% Natural Botanical Incense.  Purify your space with this incredibly special limited edition rose scent. Made with one of the most luxurious essential oils in the world. Burn for Love. Feel the magic of the creator echo out through the incense, helping transport your senses and imagination to far-away lands during meditation.

Handmade in small batches with love - 4 handmade incense cones packaged in a cute eco-friendly box.

  • Best if burnt in a large open space. Light the tip of the cone, place on burnproof surface + let the aroma fill the space. Cone will burn all the way to the bottom with one single lighting. Make sure your incense is burned all the way out before leaving unattended.
  • Wild harvested makko powder from Japan, ethically wild crafted white rose petals from USA (Rosa rugosa) purveyed certified organic Bulgarian rose essential oil from Bulgaria (Rosa damascena) + love.
  • You don’t get any cooler than Jes, the creator of Plant Make Up! Jes is a beautiful humble soul and not at all your usual face of success. Jes works tirelessly and is crazy devoted to the plant path and healing. Her hard work shows itself in her products, very complex, sophisticated and well before their time. Jes lives in Honolulu and her artisanal apothecary business has slowly evolved from making organic teas, into a dedicated revival of ancient beauty secrets, creating a massive range of some of the most amazing natural beauty products out there today.